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Our goal is to help individuals create meaningful changes in their lives that allow them to feel present, fulfilled, and emotionally balanced. We utilize a variety of empirically validated treatment models that differ depending on the therapist you choose and your specific struggles. With the use of these models we help patients become more aware of their thoughts and emotions and to learn how to manage them in a way that creates a sense of peace and freedom. We work collaboratively with patients to help them discover what is truly meaningful in their lives and empower them to take action and make change. We strive to be fully present and focus on establishing a connection through warmth and openness in order to foster a healing environment. In addition, we help patients discover their identity and increase their ability to live a more authentic life that is in line with their true values. 

Social justice and cultural sensitivity are fundamental values at Mindful Treatments. It is our intent to cultivate a therapeutic environment that is affirming across various domains of identity and experience, and in which all individuals feel accepted, respected, and safe.

We offer individual therapy for ages 13 and above as well as couples therapy. 

Michael Keaveny Therapist in Richmond
Tessa Palmer Therapist in Richmond
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Make an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us first through the form here or from our email below.

If you are feeling that you may harm yourself or someone else, please do not leave a message through email or the website but instead call or text the National Suicide Hotline or call 911.


Please note, the following messaging service is through and is not a HIPPA compliant service. Even email from your personal email to ours is not encrypted and therefore your private health information may be at risk. If you have concerns about privacy, please call and leave a message through voicemail. 

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Phone: 804-648-0169

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530 E. Main St. Suite 530

Richmond, VA


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